over clocking help???
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Thread: over clocking help???

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    over clocking help???

    hey my computer is getting old and kinda slow and i want to overclock it so i can get the best out of what it has left. i have a duron 800 on a asus a7v with the defualt bios and a voodoo5 5500 agp with the defualt bios. can someone tell me how to install a new bios for my mobo and video card, and where to get a new bios for my voodoo?? also can you tell me how i can safely overclock my cpu and video card without having to add extra cooling. also i read somewhere that the voodoo5 can run in 4x agp, is that true? i thought you could only run it in 2x, if you can run it in 4x agp could someone let me know how?? oh yeah i run windows xp with 128mbs of ram, also does anyone know a good program that will tell me my cpu and mobo temp without going into my bios?

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    You don't need a new bios for your A7V- it natively supports overclocking Couldn't hurt, though- you can download it off Asus's website. I think they're up to 1.09 or 1.10 by now. What you really need to do is unlock your Duron- take it out, and carefully reconnect the four L1 bridges with a graphite pencil. After that, you can set whatever multiplier you want! I had my Duron 650 running at 850, but the later generation of Duron chips usually topped out about 1-1.1GHz. You'll probably have to get a better HSF, as the stock cheap ones aren't sufficient.

    After that, use the jumpers on the board to set the multiplier. You can lease FSB and voltage in jumper-free mode and change them with BIOS, though.

    And if all else fails, toss in a faster Athlon- they're getting pretty cheap by now

    Good luck!
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