ok here it goes,

first my specs:
Celeron 400MHz CPU
256MB PC-100 SDRam
20GB Segate 7200rpm HDD
10/100 Network Card x1
OS: Linux Mandrake 8.2

I got 6 pc's running lan, and we can't see the server on the LAN we have to go through the internet to access our LAN server.

Here is the bash script :
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/halflife/hlds_l:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
./hlds_run -game cstrike +exec server.cfg +ip +port 27015 +maxplayers 10 +map cs_italy

and the server.cfg file
sv_lan 1
setmaster 0

after running the bash script I saw this on the server:
Setmaster: Unknown command 0

We just want to access our server throught the LAN

your help thanks.