Hi everyone,its my first step in overclocking and its not a succesfull day!!

i bought a system with a Pentium-s 133mhz and i want to overclock it so i go to the bios (AMI) and i can't find anything to help in this way.

No fsb available ......nothing!!!!

so i go to the dip switch on the motherboard,i make every possibility and the result gave me nothing good.

i just go down on megahertz like 90 or 100 or 120!!!
finally i put it back to 133 mhz.

i am so disappointed nothing to do maybe i done something wrong!

i saw on the motherboard the table for dip switch and when i put higher the multiplicater like 3x its put my cpu to 100 mhz!!!

really i don't understand!!!!

please help me to push this thing faster i am dying on windows xp

by the way its not so terrible with xp and 64 mb

thanks bye