ATI 8500 Dual Monitor support
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Thread: ATI 8500 Dual Monitor support

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    Question ATI 8500 Dual Monitor support

    The 8500 offers dual monitor support with 1 15 pin analog connector and 1 DVI connector. Does this mean that one of the monitors has to be an LCD monitor? Or are there adapters to convert the DVI to analog so a regular monitor can be used?


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    The DVI port is actually a DVI-I interface allowing a conventional CRT monitor to be connected to it using an adapter (DVI-I carries both analogue and digital signals and the adapter just routes the anologue components to a DB15 connector).

    All retail cards and most OEM cards come with one supplied but just check with the retailer first if you aren't sure. Some white-boxed 8500LE's don't have one included but you can buy them separately for about $8 I think.

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