uh oh someone please read this
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Thread: uh oh someone please read this

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    uh oh someone please read this

    ok, i overclocked my ti4200 128mb memory speed to 500mhz from 444mhz. and i ran 3dmark 2001 quite a few times going up 10mhz each time. just the memory speed. not the core. and i didn't see any polygons or white dots or screen flashes or anything like that. and i didn't go any higher than 500mhz. on the 3dmark i only got an extra 100 points from 500mhz so i turned the memory speed back down to 444mhz.

    ok i'm using the geforce tweaker.

    i went back into this game i play, grand prix 4, which is a racing simulation. at a certain track, there's a massive huge polygon that sticks out in front of the pit straight. and it's only there, if i have bump mapping on in the graphics option. if i have the bump mapping off, the polygon isn't there. then just now, the screen flashed twice. i got a bit worried and i uninstalled the nvidia driver. restarted, then reinstalled det 29.42. now should i be worried? is something wrong? help please

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    Have you checked to see if that game has issues with the Geforce line of VCs? There may be a patch to fix it. I have a racing game that was nothing but ugly polygons when run on a GF3. Any other VC, it was fine.

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