overclocking ti4200
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Thread: overclocking ti4200

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    overclocking ti4200

    i was wondering. i got a gf4 ti4200 128mb. now i know 128mb 4200 core is 250mhz and mem is 444mhz. and the 4200 64mb is 500mhz memory. is it safe to clock the 128mb to 500mhz memory with just the standard cooling? cause in many cases, in reviews they run slower than the 64mb.

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    It should be safe Mark.

    My Gainward 128 meg GF4 Ti4200 is running happily at 310/560 with just the standard cooling.

    That said, don't try to do too much too fast.

    I wouldn't move the memory up in increments of more than 20mhz at a time up to 500mhz. After each adjustment run the 3dmark benchmark a few times and watch carefully for artifacts, tearing and other graphical anomolies. Also, play some games (both D3D and OpenGL) and watch for the same things. Run the 3dmark demo for at least an hour to make sure your overclock is stable.

    Once you reach 500mhz on the memory, start moving it up in increments of 10mhz at a time and run the same safety precautions -- benchmarks, loops, and games.

    Do the same thing with the core.

    The whole process might take a couple of weeks but it will be time well spent being patient since you probably want to use the card for at least a year.

    I'd be suprised if you couldn't run the card at at least 280/520 -- I wouldn't be suprised if you can get even more. But if you set it right out of the box too high you could break the card -- and overclocking will void your warranty.

    Good luck.
    now that my specs are respectable, I might as well list them again:

    2500+ Barton @ 2346mhz, Swiftech MC462a/80mm Sanyo Denki fan
    Abit NF7-S v 2.0
    2x256 Ocz PC3500 DDR
    128 mb ATI Radeon 9800 Pro
    Lian-Li PC-68 case
    Enermax 431 watt PS
    blah blah blah
    blah blah blah

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    I found the line was razor thin between "unstable" and "hard lockup". Literally about a 2MHz line there.

    I'm running mine absolutely stable at Ti4400 speeds:
    Pentium IV 2.4C Northwood- M0 stepping @ 3.2GHz HT
    Air Cooled w/ SP-94 heatpipe & 92mm Vantex Tornado at 45C
    4x256=1gb dual-channel 2-3-3-6 OCZ PC800DRAM @ 890MHz 3-4-4-8
    MSI Neo2-PLS w/I865PE & SATA @ 4x267=1068MHz
    BFG GeForceFX 5900@485/967MHz = 6284 3DMark2003s; dual-head 21" CRT & 19" LCD

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    bad brain. i don't really want to get massive huge overclock. jsut so it runs the same memory speed as the 64mb. i'm pretty sure there's fantastic performance from a ti4200.

    so i should go up in 20mhz for memory speed? i'm not going to do the core speed. and i got the geforce tweaker. or something like that... would that do?

    also, is there much difference between the same card from gainward, leadtek, or nvidia? other than the software they provide. but just out right performance? thanks mate

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