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Thread: Buy a graphic card

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    Question Buy a graphic card


    I would like to buy a new graphic card for my system.

    I have a M748MLRT System Board, from PCChips, it has a Built-in Graphic System and shares from 2Mb to 8Mb of the RAM. This is why I'd like to change that, because when I want to play a game (3d) the graphics are really slow, the resolution is great, for static 3d graphics but when it comes to motion it fails. Sometimes even minimizing a windows takes like 3 seconds to be viewed, specially if I have 3 or more programs opened.

    Acording to my users manual, I can attach a new modem or a new sound card simply setting some jumpers to dissable the built-in feature, but it doesn't say anything about attaching a graphic card and how to dissable the built-in graphics system.

    I've tried to contac the manufacturer's tech support but no answer have been recived.

    - Do you think installing a new graphic card will resolve my problem?
    - What card do you suggest is the best for this purpose?
    - What other options do you think I have?

    note: I still use Windows98.

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    I'm going to assume you have a PCI port available and not an AGP.
    Is this correct?

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    Smile well

    I'm sure the PCI port is available, the system board has one ISA and One PCI and the manual says that I only can use one at the time.

    There was something about AGP, but I can't remember well.

    The PCI is available, that's for sure.

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