DVI to old Laptop display?
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Thread: DVI to old Laptop display?

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    DVI to old Laptop display?

    Do you know how to convert from a DVI out to an old laptop display? or do you know any other forum that might be able to anwser my question?

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    Welcome to HWC.

    Well, laptop displays these days generally use a signalling protocol called LVDS (low voltage differential signalling - related to the TMDS used in DVI output). Older displays use a variety of different standards.

    So assume it is LVDS, then you need a DVI to LVDS converter (essentially TMDS to LVDS). The only devicess I've seen that do such a thing are extremely expensive multipurpose units such as SGI's Multilink boxes - they are about $600! I haven't come a cross a standalone device designed for this purpose but imagine they would be extremely expensive also. Could be wrong - transforming one digital signal into another should just require a DSP of some sort.

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