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    Unhappy wicked design...


    I have a compaq prosignia 300 server. It has a p75 cpu. Recently I aquired a p133 cpu. The design of this computer is really weird. The cpu is positioned on a cpu board which has no switches/jumpers at all(nor has the mainboard). I figure the cpu board has a fixed cpu configuration since it's not posible to set the cpu speed using jumpers. And the bios setup contains no cpu settings.

    Any ideas now I can overclock the computer?

    / Johan

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    The Compaq, Dell, IBM ... systems that I have encountered, did not have any overclock designs built into them.
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    My Gateway 2000 P133 system had settings for the FSB and multiplier. 66MHz was the max FSB, but I was able to up the multiplier to 3.0x instead of 2.0x

    I am actually going to be transferring my server setup onto that chip and board. P200 should be more than enough to run a simple router with Win2k Server for my small LAN...
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