Sorry I havent posted in a while, but ive been gettin my website up to scratch. If you want, you can visit it at

Ive just modified my profile and signature with my newish specs.

Anyway, after building a machine for a mate, I got hold of her old parts. A K6-2 400, motherboard, RAM and case.

My Cyrix 333 @ 366 is acting as a dedicated server for Counter-Strike and UT for my LAN.

My question is, does Win2000 have support for HLT commands during idle times on the processor. In Windows 98/ME I use a small program called Rain to keep the processor cool during idle.
I read in the readme for Rain, that NT has its own HLT cycles built-in, but after having the machine on idle for 20 minutes and touching the heatsink, I thought better. The heatsink was hot.

Is there a similar program to Rain for NT based systems, as the Cyrix system is built in an AT case and has a Voodoo3 3000 and so, it gets rather hot even with a fan at the front of the case.

Thanks in advance