Need good cpu/gpu cooling programs.
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Thread: Need good cpu/gpu cooling programs.

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    Need good cpu/gpu cooling programs.

    same as title.

    Links please.
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    6,459 This is the link to the main page. Q's link was to a frame.

    All this does is essentially enable the cooling bit in the hardware registers for VIA chipsets. With a program called wpcrset, you can enable this bit to start everytime you boot into Windows, and it doesn't use any resources either. VCool eats 3-5MB of resources, but gives you easier control over some of the registers and offers a temperature display. So if memory usage is a concern, try wpcrset. It has a bit of a learning curve if you're not familiar with hexadecimal, but you can also tweak other settings with it like ram timings, agp fastwrites/sideband addressing, etc...
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