Radeon 8500 Fan Noise
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Thread: Radeon 8500 Fan Noise

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    Radeon 8500 Fan Noise

    Hello to all,

    Recently my Radeon 8500 has been sounding like the blender I bought at a yard sale. The whining and noise from the fan is getting a lil much. My question is how important is the heatsink fan, and can the card run fine with it unplugged. I am not o/c'ing my puter and I rarely game. Other than the noise the card has been fine. Any advice would be appreciated.



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    Well, if you leave your computer on for a long time, the card might get hot and crash your computer. I suggest you go buy another quieter fan.

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    Just unscrew the fan and put a couple of drops of general purpose lubricant in the bearing. Should sort it out.

    I wouldn't run it without a fan unless you undervolt/underclock it.

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