Flat panel as a picture frame
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Thread: Flat panel as a picture frame

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    Flat panel as a picture frame

    Sorry if this is a stupid question for one reason or another, but I've never owned a flat panel monitor. I'm building a new home with a fairly extensive network running everything (automated). I thought it would be a nice feature if I could put a flat panel monitor into a wall for use as a changing picture frame. All I could find on the net are the smaller ones for tabletops that are stand alone. This would be run off of the computer that runs the house systems. Anyone know if this would work? I wasn't sure if there were any electronics in the base of a flat panel that couldn't be moved so that the screen would fit into a hole in the wall. If anyone would have a guess, or know any resources, I'd really appriciate it. Thanks.

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    You can get flat panel plasma displays from 40-60" in size. They're normally XGA or so resolution, which is great for airports, but I don't think it would look all that great in your home as the dot pitch is so large. If you can afford a couple grand per display, though, shoot man, go for it!! You'd have to drive them from a PC, as these are strictly displays- an old P3 sitting in the back room with a handful of PCI video cards ought to be able to run several, or you could put together really thin systems for each one and hide it between the studs.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for the info

    Thanks for the info. I'd be happy with 15-17 inch (and would hate to spend 2k). I've looked at different models, and they would all fit in flush pretty good, if that base post it sits on can be taken off (or dismantled and moved if there's anything in it. I didn't know if it was electronics in there, or just wiring.

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