dual monitors on the radeon 8500 64m
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Thread: dual monitors on the radeon 8500 64m

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    Unhappy dual monitors on the radeon 8500 64m

    hi everyone,i need help,i think.I got 2 monitors,the first one and we can call him (the main)is a 17 inch and the second is a 14 inch monitor.I plug both in my radeon 8500 for dual monitors setting.Everything working fine but the second monitors (14 inch)display only the half of the screen.I don't no why .I try everything,the setting of 14 inch monitors is correct,i check on Ati website about dual monitors on the 8500 and they talk about Radio....something ,idon't know what don't work well on this card.

    Maybe ,someone knows something more!!!


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    What resolutions are you running the monitors at? It may be that you are running them both at the same resolution - in which case the 14" could only be showing part of the screen as it supports a lower maximum resolution (you should be able to scroll around the full desktop with the mouse if that is the case).

    How do you have them set up at the moment? Showing one big desktop (stretched) or both showing the same thing (cloned)?

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