Soltek drv5/athlon xp 1600+
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Thread: Soltek drv5/athlon xp 1600+

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    Angry Soltek drv5/athlon xp 1600+

    They just dont want to play with each other!! Installed the two along with a stick of crucial 2100 ddr 256mb. At default settings the post sez its a athlon 1050 chip?? Ok so I used the bios overclocking feature and now it reads at post athlon 1172??What gives?? Alright so I used the jumpers and set the fsb to 266, post now sez athon 1600+ but then as soon windows pops up system would reboot and hang with a keyboard error!!!! Before I rma this pos board/chip and ideas???

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    i really don't know exactly what the problem is but i can give ya some things to try.

    what os are u running?

    have u tried booting up in safe mode?
    do that.

    have you reset ur bios and tried once more?

    did u do a fresh install of windows?
    if you didn't and you had a different motherboard there could be a driver conflict...personaly i would consider reformating.

    also i guess it could be a possible power supply problem

    what kinda psu you got?

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    Try setting the jumper for 266Mhz bus and then clear the CMOS. Then try booting it up. That might help (and might not). I have heard some boards act flacky changing speeds and need a specific order to get it to boot correctly. Once they boot correctly, though the problem seems to go away. You might need to set it to 200Mhz bus first clear CMOS, load defaults, set it to 266... Try a few combinations. DO NOT RAISE THE BUS SPEED IN BIOS THEN CHANGE TO 266. This will overclock things quite a bit and will give you more problems. You need to get it running at 266Mhz bus and make sure it is stable befor playing with it more.
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    ...also if available in BIOS, enable the type of keyboard you have (usb/ps2)
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    Thanks all for the inputs. This is what I found out. When ABS II is disabled at the jumper everything started working !!! Whats up with this, has anyone else heard ABS causing stability problems??

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