URGENT!! Need Origonal Saphire Tech R7500 Bios PLEASE
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Thread: URGENT!! Need Origonal Saphire Tech R7500 Bios PLEASE

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    URGENT!! Need Origonal Saphire Tech R7500 Bios PLEASE

    its a bit of an emergency. I need the bios from a Saphire TECH RADEON 7500 emailed to me PLEASE!

    I lent my Saphire Tech card and it came back with lines running throught the display. JERKS!! I cant send it back with the RETAIL Radeon bios on it and its under warranty soo..

    Please email me the Saphire Tech Bios at [email protected] THANKS A LOT!!

    If you need help getting the bios off of your card,,, ASK!
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    i don't have one or know anyone with one but you might wanna check out the fourms at www.rage3d.com i am sure there has to be someone there that can help if no one here can.

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    ...You could always trash the card to the point where they could not determine it had a revised BIOS update...Of course you have to take into consideration that the ppl looking at your card probably have no clue...All they will check is to see if it works or not... I doubt they would notice the BIOS revision
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    i don't know how good saphire is but ati replaced my card although it had a modded bios. i guess they really don't care much. it also physicaly had marks where i glued on rmasinks....i am quite impressed with thier rma service now.....they also included like 20 pages of some kinda memos or something i don't understand.

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