"The ideal water block"
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Thread: "The ideal water block"

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    "The ideal water block"

    I'm designing a new water block (for commercializing), my goal is to maximize heat transfer inducing as much turbulent water flow as possible without creating too much flow resistance, I would like to know what are your thoughts on a couple of issues, please help me to give you what you want in a water block:

    1 - How would you like a block that is one piece only (avoiding any leaks)? Do you feel the need to open your block for cleaning (or whatever) from time to time?

    2 - What is your preferred retention system and why? I have some new designs here but there are no pictures available yet. The link below has images of some well known water blocks from various companies, they're all nice blocks, each one has it's own retention system. Please take a look and tell me wich one you like most and why, also any new ideas are welcome. I'm not going to copy anyone else's retention system, this post is just some research about the what the public want in a water block.

    3 - Would you like the hose fittings to be 3/8 or 1/2?

    My water blocks for cooling CPU, chipset and GPU will be available next week, I will post pictures when they're ready. I will also be making water cooled PSUs.

    Thank you
    Bruno Facca
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