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Thread: what was the first game you couldn't stop playing?

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    Aug 2000
    "Tomb Raider The first one"

    Same here bud, on the Playstation, I spent weeks playing that.

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    Aug 2000
    "Tomb Raider The first one"

    Same here bud, on the Playstation, I spent weeks playing that.

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    Jul 2000
    i is where's i's ats
    when my bud went on vacation during the summer i borrowed his nes and played punchout sooooo much. but i biked to stop & go everyday to play street fighter. nowadays i sit around playing the game of life
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    May 2000
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    Quake2, and I still have'nt stopped playing......... it's been like 4-5 years now! Damn thats pretty sad.

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    Sep 2001
    Video Pinball on the Atari 2600.
    Then Elite on the Amiga 500.
    Didn't get elite status tho
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    I've played mostly Contra (NES) for my first video game and liked it a lot. There are some games that I really like but didn't manage to finish playing it

    My last game system was the Sega 16 bit...
    now it's all PC games from now onwards..

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    Mar 2001
    The Tundra Plains
    DIABLO (the first one - still the best in my opinion)

    NHL 2000 (still much better - more information about players)

    I STILL can't stop playing these two!

    keep howlin' at the moon

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    Dec 2001
    Belize City, Belize
    Jumpman Jr on Commodore 64!
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    Aug 2002
    Sid Meier's Pirates! and then wing commander
    Me, boring guy

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    Thumbs up

    Originally posted by daisuke
    Jumpman Jr on Commodore 64!

    I would have to agree..... nice game!
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    Mar 2000
    ...Lode Runner (the original!)

    49K MSDOS The original Lode Runner (Runs too fast on modern computers)

    49k....lol..the readme files these days are bigger than that!

    that was fun :
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    May 2001
    Warcraft II was definately the fisrt addictive one, playing on the internet on the old Kali multiplayer system kept me up way past bedtime. In the arcade the old rush'n attack and supermarios were great, not so much that you had to play them, but that you could kill an hour on just one quarter. loading doom 2 of of nine floppies was also great, because the 40 meg hard drive was always too full.

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