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    Viper v770

    I have a Diamond Viper v770 display card. It has a nvidia chip in it and I was wondering if WinXXP will load an updated driver for it when I install XP or will I have to get the updated driver from Nvidia? This card goes under a different name on the Nvidia website can you give me the link to that driver somebody?

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    the viper 770 uses a tnt2 chipset. windows xp can provide a driver but u can also use the lastest set from

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    If you run Windows Update in XP and select the driver update Microsoft provides, it will download the nVidia reference drivers v28.32. The latest version is 29.42, but since you have an old card, the newer drivers are just as good as the older ones. If you don't update the drivers, WinXP uses its own drivers and provides only support for Direct3D. To be able to utilize OpenGL, you'll need to update the drivers from Windows Update or
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