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Thread: Whats the best Value Video Card at the moment

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    I had considered doing that in the past, only after working out the exchange rate and adding shipping costs, it usually came out to the same price, or more expensive. If you do find one cheaper even after shipping and exchange rate conversion, I'd advise you to think seriously before purchasing. Should anything go wrong with the component, you could be in a fair bit of hot water in terms of warranty arrangements considering the retailer is in another country.

    For the sake of a couple bucks, it's not always worth that kind of risk

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    This is my list grooped into approximate price ranges based on US dollars from NewEgg.com.

    Budget (~$50):
    VisionTek GeForce2 GTS-V
    Radeon 7500 DDR

    Standard (~$100:
    GeForce3 Ti200
    Radeon 8500LE or 9000
    (about the same price and performance)

    Performance (~$150)
    GeForce4 Ti4200

    All perform VERY good in their price range and have destinct advantages

    All are the best bang for the buck. ATI is releasing a slightly slower version of the Radeon 9700 (probably 9500) in the $200 or so price range befor Chrismas. This would be my next choice. Things will then heat up early next year with a refresh of the Radeon 9700 and the GeForce5 (NV30) as it is unlikely that either will be out befor the end of the year. I don't recommend the GeForce4 MX even though it performs about the same and is generally a little cheaper, because it does not have the hardware pixel and vertex shaders that the others have. The Xabre400 also performs about the same too, but I could not find it for sale and the drivers are queastonable at best.
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