Quick Question, Athlon 900 Temp
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    Quick Question, Athlon 900 Temp

    Built a dedicated server for gaming, using an athlon T-Bird 900Mhz.

    I want this server quiet, as it will be on most of the time. I am using the retail HS with a bigger 60mm fan added. No intakes, or exhaust, as I only used what extras I had laying around.

    After a full day of hosting TFC, the chip was 52C and case was 40C. (Voodoo5's create alot of Heat, OMG)

    Are these acceptable temps for a cpu that will be running 24/7?

    My main rig runs at 32C cpu, and 27C case temp, and I would panic if it ever hit 52C with my XP1600. So i was just wondering if these temps are ok for the T-Bird, without having to add fans for case flow to keep the noise down.
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