win 98se or winxp for oc.
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Thread: win 98se or winxp for oc.

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    Jul 2002

    win 98se or winxp for oc.

    Is it possible that I could overclock my CPU better with win 98se than now with winxp pro?

    Somtimes winxp just wont boot
    for example 12 * 133 ---> 1600mhz works with win 98se, but it wont work with winxp.
    How is this possible?

    My specs.
    T-bird 1400(266)
    256 (266)
    maxtor 30 gb
    gf mx200 (32 mb)

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    Mar 2001
    Whitehall, Pa (United States)
    I had the same OC on both...but XP pro was a lot stabler for me personally. this is at 9.5 x 150 on a 1gig tbird @ 1425mhz.
    2500+ Barton @ 2.2ghz (200x11)
    Abit NF7-S rev2.0
    Alpha 8045
    Radeon 9800 Pro
    2x 512mb Corsair XMS pc3200
    2x 120gb WD-SE HDDs
    Enermax 431w Whipser
    Lian Li pc61-usb

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    Apr 1999
    Manila, Philippines
    Same here... Windows 2000 and XP are far more stable for overclocking!
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    tes the NT kernel is far more stable than 9x.
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