MSI 6337 BIOS showing FAN RPM as 0
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Thread: MSI 6337 BIOS showing FAN RPM as 0

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    MSI 6337 BIOS showing FAN RPM as 0

    hey, my MSI 6337 Lite BIOS is showing the FAN RPM as 0 but the fan is working although not properly. It is stopping after a fixed gap of time and the starts again. The pause is very very small but it is preventing the FAN from reaching it's top speed. My CPU is Celeron 600 and the temps are going to 74-75 Degree Celsius just as I start my system and increasing thereafter. Any possible reasons or sollutions would be welcome. Please help me...

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    Power supply?
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    What fan do you have? Have you tried another connector (on the mobo)? Does the fan have two or three wires?
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    Cool Welcome to HWC smakkar

    HI smakkar, can you provide more information on the fan you're referring to. Are you talking about the heatsink fan or any other fan beside this..

    Maybe the connection is loose or the PSU is going bad....

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    Believe some MSI MBs have trouble reading speed on low RPM fans (mine does, but fan and temps fine). Again, your fan spec will help here.

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