Sparkle 400watt or Antec 430watt True Power?
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Thread: Sparkle 400watt or Antec 430watt True Power?

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    Sparkle 400watt or Antec 430watt True Power?

    building a system for a friend.

    Athlon XP 2200+
    Antec SX1030b
    Epox 8K3A+
    512MB Samsung PC 2700
    40GB Seagate Barracuda ATA IV
    Parhelia 512 (pre-ordered!)
    Lite-ON CD-RW
    Toshiba DVD Rom
    Alpha PAL 8045 (w/ 80mm Panaflo L1A)
    4x 80mm L1A Panaflo case fans

    as you can guess, money is not really a consideration here. He just got a hefty bonus!

    everything should be here by the end of next week, except the video card.

    The only thing missing is the PS.

    I've read all the reviews, but would like to know what you gurus think of the PS choices we've made.

    I'm leaning towards the Antec PS, as it has the dual-fan setup, and I'd like to think that would help, as he's only passive cooling....but have read many great recommendations on the Sparkle as well...specially from OC'ing boards.

    are Antec as stable and "clean" as the Sparkles?

    thanks for any suggestions!

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    I would get the Antec as my first choice since you said it has the dual fan setup. I'm not sure about Sparkle PSU but I did saw some of them didn't come with the exhaust fan at the bottom of them like Enermax. Beside you're getting a large case and your friend might be adding more hardware such as SCSI HDD in the future..

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    the antec would probaly be the better power supply. but personaly i would still put price as a consideration. not sure how much extra it would cost for the antec?(if any) sparkle makes a fine ps too so you can't really go wrong with either

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    If you buy the Antec 1080b case it comes with the 430W Truepower. Great PS, the fan only leads really cut down the case noise (but not recommended for use when overclocking).
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    Antec 1080B w/Antec 430W

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    Im running a sparkle 400w and its a great unit. It also has an extra PCB control board to alter the 5v/12v lines which comes in very handy when tweaking up the voltages
    Duron 700@1100 2.1v Air Cooled - RIP

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    Between a rock and a hard place.

    sorry i forgot to mention. I'm actually getting a variant of the 1030b. which doesn't come with the PS.

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    Antec all the way, IMHO. The Sparkle is a good power supply, but the Antec True Powers are great. I think the specs on the Antec TruePower series are slightly better, but I can't say for sure.

    I really like the Sparkles, but when I switched to Antec, I started to prefer them after using a few. Antec keeps the 5v juice nice and steady, which is something that you need to watch with the AMD/Epox boards combos......

    But, I really think you would be happy with either one!
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    Another ditto for the Antec.


    Click on above image for specs.
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    Between a rock and a hard place.
    thnaks everyone.

    I think we will go with the Antec.

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