quick essay on video game graphics
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Thread: quick essay on video game graphics

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    quick essay on video game graphics


    I have read too many posts about console graphics that only look at the qualitative numbers of graphics in a game. So i felt a need to give my perspective on video game graphics.

    Firstly people who say xbox has better graphics are technically correct. However when playing a fast paced game does it really matter? Who can honestly tell the difference between a model made up of 1000 polygons and anther made from 2000 or 3000 polygons when that model is running by at a simulated 20 or 50 feet, faster than you can get your mouse cursor over it.

    I don't think the xbox graphics are so much better that it is the only console to get.

    A true gamer with integrity can look at a game and see it for its fun. I sense a lot of people in website forums have a mentality of " that game was good but it would have been the best game ever if those models had twice as many polygons"

    It does not take processing power to make a game great, it is the content and the engine.

    Graphics processing is important but i submit to you that HALO would have been a great game using Half-Life/quake II engine.
    I personnally have'nt seen HALO played, I hear it is amazing, it has revolutionary game play that is genius, take away the "top-notch graphics, is it still absolutely amazing?

    We have all played games that were crappy looking , but we did'nt know it at the time.

    My room mate plays wolfenstein and medal of honour. Graphically I have to look closely to see that the models and surroundings are better than FPS from 2 or 3 years ago.

    If you have to analyze a scene for more than 1 second to decide if its a game running on xbox or ps2. Then graphics power of the console should not be your only decision in buying a console.

    I just listened to a favorite mp3 song at 192 kbps, i'd been listening to it for the last year at 128 kbps. Dang, i wasted my last year listening to a crappy song!, its amazing now!


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    someone give me a ps2 so i can kick the crap out of my friends.


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    Console's are displayed on TVs. TVs are crap compared to monitors.

    I've yet to meet a game which is 'that good' that I forget how crap the sound and/or graphics were.

    And yes, you can definitely see the difference of higher polygon counts.

    Personally I don't care for consoles. They are for kids (and big kids )

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    I also prefer a computer, consoles have some pretty cool games but I dont think I would be able to bring myself to buy one.
    I dont know... I just dont.

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    Yeah even with a good tv and the best console the graphics look like you turned the antialiasing down to "let's make stairs" setting. The is mainly due to pixel size of the tv and low resolution you can run at. A PC game at 1024X768 or higher with AA looks a world apart from any console.

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