Ati guys, Mutha funker? Help pls
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Thread: Ati guys, Mutha funker? Help pls

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    Ati guys, Mutha funker? Help pls

    Please see this post
    wb's 2.77 is a online flightsim
    Used to be able to adjust color/contrast etc..
    Can anyone help??

    1.4 gig AMD
    KA266R Iwill M/B
    512 meg crucial ram
    40 gig. Quantum AS
    Gainward 64meg. Geforce3
    Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Sound card
    Win 98 S/E
    Cable Modem
    Very funny Scotty, now beam down my clothes!

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ | ASUS M3N78 PRO AM2 | 2GB G.SKILL Extreme Series Memory | Geforce GT 430 1 gig | 120 gig Seagate 8 meg cache ST3120026A | Lite-on LDW-811S DVDRW | Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-M1612 | Antec True Power 480w | Win XP Pro SP3 | Cable Modem

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    Ahh... I see you sorted it while I was sleeping.

    Gonna be an "nVidia Guy" in a week and a half, anyway.


    [email protected](11x152MHz)
    Kula Masta [email protected]
    Krewtial 512MB
    Raydion [email protected]/640MHz
    60GXP 60GB
    75GXP 30GB
    SBLyve! 5.1
    PlecksRyta 16/10/40A
    Pie-on-ear 16x DVD
    LG Phlatron 795FT+

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    Opteron [email protected] (stock HS/fan), Asus A8N-SLI SE (passive NB), 1.5GB RAM (2:3:2:5, 2T), WD Raptor 740GD 74GB, Maxtor DM10 300GB, Asus EN7600GT [email protected]???, M-Audio Revo 7.1, Nebula DigiTV, Dell 2005FPW, Enermax 431W Active.

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