couple questions from a gaming newbie
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Thread: couple questions from a gaming newbie

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    couple questions from a gaming newbie

    i just found a shareware version of an old atari game jumpman jr. i can play it with the keyboard, which ain't much fun, so i got a m/soft sidewinder but am having trouble getting it to come the questions,,do i plug it into the santa cruz sound card or the mobo? if it was installed correctly will it show up in the device mgr? in device mgr, what is video codecs? soyo board os is win2k. thanks

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    The conrtroller may not appear itself in the Dev.Manager, it is normal, it may appear only in the Gaming Devices in the Control Panel (it's called like that in Win98, but it should be similar on W2k). Here you can add, delete or go in the properties of you game controllers installed.

    You must have the gamepad plugged into your Santa Cruz, since you surely turned off your onboard sound and the onboard gameport should be inactive as well.

    If you have an installation software that comes with the gamepad, just connect the gamepad and install the software, it should detect it and install it, and show it as OK in the Gaming Properties.

    If you only have drivers for it, you can install them by simply going in Gaming Properties and select add. Then say you have the drivers and install them from there. Just make sure it's plugged during the operation.

    Hope this helps

    BTW the video codecs are compression algorithms used by file formats, such as AVI, MPEG, and QuickTime to compress and uncompress video sequences. These codecs are installed in your system so every video player, file or app needing the codecc an access it easily to play a video sequence. DivX is an example of a video codec used by AVI files. Codec simply means compressor-decompressor.

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