MOHAA and WIndows XP- HELP!!!!
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Thread: MOHAA and WIndows XP- HELP!!!!

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    MOHAA and WIndows XP- HELP!!!!

    lo, I recently reinstalled a clean version of windows xp pro (I was running the upgrade first).

    The problem is that when I was reinstalling MOHAA the installer crashed. However the game seems to think that it is installed fully. I have tried to uninstall it, that doesnt work, neither does repairng or modifying it.

    All I want to do is reinstall it but the setup file just gives me the modify, repair, remove options.

    I have installed tweak UI, to try and remove it from the installed software list but I cant find the Installed software list in tweak UI (Yes, I am set up as the Administrator).

    Any Help would be good, I really want to play MOHAA.

    Thanks in advance

    ABit KT7A
    AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1.4 GHz
    786 MB 133MHz RAM
    Maxtor+60 7200rpm 40GB HD x2
    16x Pioneer Slot DVD
    Gainward GF3(GoldenSample)
    Soundblaster Live!
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    most probably there's a folder "programfiles\installshield installation information", which contains one ore more folders looking like this: {DF26D3B0-B623-11D3-8C0A-0080C75BD297}
    (just different numbers). You must delete one of these folders, namely the one that was created by MOHAA setup.
    To find out which the right folder is: In each of these folders there should be a file setup.ini with an entry AppName=....
    Hope that helps!

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