after 1 day with GHOST RECON........ it RULES!!!
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Thread: after 1 day with GHOST RECON........ it RULES!!!

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    after 1 day with GHOST RECON........ it RULES!!!

    I like the way you control the team, the AI, the graphics, and the best of all... THE SOUND, THE EAX SOUND.

    that game is the BOMB!!!

    on a normal pair of speakers the stereo separation is very good and loud enough, after seeing "black hawk down", the same day I installed the game and damn, almost the same digital sound, very closed to the treather's digital.

    the sound card I got is: SB LIVE value ed.
    the speakers ACS54(W), 4 sattelites and 1 subwoofer.

    I sit myself surrounded by each speaker and trust me the sound is just PERFECT for me.

    get the game, it rules (also it hardly beats Operation Flashpoint), hardly but is beaten by Ghost Recon.

    ...and remember...
    ...Panama Rules...
    ...and remember...
    ...Panama Rules...

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    So what are you trying to say?


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    MitchSchaft Guest
    It sucks compared to OpFlash!

    1/8th OpFlash
    Cpl. Splicer
    Alpha Co.
    1st Platoon 2nd Squad
    1st Fireteam leader

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