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Thread: HALO will kick Tribes 2 and Max Payne's @ss

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    Hey guys, I'll be honest, I hate the XBox, not the hard ware, the idea. With that said, I pick up my XBox on thursday, with Halo, of course... Anyway, It rocks. I wish I was able to control it with a mouse and Keyboard... I'll just have to get the PC version. I also go Oddworld, and gotham racing. As far as graphics, They are the best of an console, or arcade machine, for that matter. FPS?!? WHO THE HELL CARES!!! Halo runs smooth, the graphics are nice and crisp, You eventually get used to the controller, and the game itself is awesome.

    Why do people constantly bash stuff based on the sole fact that it is microsoft? (You know who you are...) anyway. Halo rocks, the XBox rocks and the gamecube will die a horrible death. as for gra[hics, the game cube is 2 years behind, the PS2 has better visuals than the game cube, and the XBox leaves it in the dust.


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    Anyone with eyes can look at Project Gotham and see the uneven framrates (it does not stay at 60fps for even half the time), and this gets fairly annoying in a racing game. Gran Turismo 3 destroys the graphics of anything available currently- and most definitely Project Gotham. It maintains a high level of detail and a constant 60fps! Shenmue II's visuals are more impressive than what I've seen on XBox. And from the games I've seen running on Gamecube, it's much more impressive than the XBox.

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