I just read last night that HALO was coming out on the 15th. I was so excited, I was in a state of euphoria. My back was tingling with excitement. About two years ago, E3 demoed this product, of course I wasn't there, but I read about it. I got all the information I could possibly get about this program, and just feasted on it. I was a freak about the game. As fan sites went up, I kept track of all of them, looking for the slightest hint of news. As the weeks and months went by, nothing came. Eventually, I forgot about HALO.

Just yesterday night, about 11:45, I logged onto Gamespot and saw that glorious banner, "HALO, Combat Evolved". I just about wet my pants. I read the review and the previews literally 3 times each. I downloaded all the screenies I could and just kept on staring at them. Unfortunately though, they weren't that good of quality. Finally, after the euphoria ceased, I had to hit the sack. As I slept, I dremped of aliens and futuristic looking Marines with guns and jeeps with mounted gattling guns... It was so cool. HALO is finally here.

This game is uncharted territory, somewhere no man has gone before. It will be simply amazing to see all the splendid beauty of this masterful game. I cannot wait. Unfortunately, it's coming out for the XBox first, which means, of course, that us PC users will have to wait until 2002(according to http://www.bungie.org) to get in on the goods.

I think that this game is going to absolutely rock. This will be so revolutionizing to the gaming world. I predict that this game will be the best game every made.

I don't know, just my 2 cents I guess...


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