As some of you may recall, I happen to have a Wacom Graphire tablet for a mouse, and I'm darn happy with it. Darn best gaming mouse ever made. No ball, no cord, no led, no batteries, 1000 dpi and absolute accuracy.

You also get a pressure sensitive pen and some graphics software in the deal, in case you ever feel like drawing on the computer like a pro. (I never did.) It's also cost only like 60 bucks. (Now it can be bought for even less, since the Graphire 2 is out.)

Short story: darn best thing I ever bought for this computer, and not likely to become obsolete any time soon.

Thing is, I gave it to my mom, who actually uses the pen, so I need to buy another one. And while I'm at it, I'd kind of like a bigger tablet. (The Graphire is about the size of a medium sized mousepad.)

However, the only thing bigger from Wacom is the Intuos 2 series. Which does have a 5 button mouse, too, but is too expensive and probably overkill. As in over 300 bucks, and around 2500 dpi accuracy, plus a bunch of other stuff aimed at professional artists. (While I'm just your average gamer.)

And I get a bit philosophical about blowing 300 bucks on just a mouse upgrade.

Now my question is: does anyone else make graphics tablets that double as a mouse?

Moraelin -- the proud member of the Idiots' Guild