after installation, I set it up and tried playing UNREAL TOURNAMENT, the sound is very good, but the animation isnt fluid at all
something "breaks" the animation.

in HalfLife-blue-shift after setting A3D and EAX i cannot disable it anymore plus now I cant hear the shoots, nor when I break the objects, i only move ambient sounds and voices.
what could it be?

ohhh yeah... I have it set it as 4 speakers (i use altec lansing ACS54), it's 2 front sats, 2 surround sats and 1 subwoofer.
(it uses 2 cables). Do i have to set my software (creative speakers software) as 4 channels or live surround? when I use "live surround i only hear my 2 fround speakers and the subwoofer, not the rear speakers. If I choose 4 channels (speakers) it works great.
what am I doing wrong?

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