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Thread: Help with mobo!

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    Help with mobo!

    I am going to a lan gaming weekend, so i need to get my computer up to a decent standard quick.
    Does anyone know what the
    GIGABYTE GA-7ZXE Socket A Motherboard
    is like? It has the Via KT133A chipset. I had read somewhere on these forums that the KT133 wasn't good (i think) but am not sure about the KT133A.
    Its great in that it uses SDRam, thereby decreasing the cost further. (yeah i know ram doesn't cost all that much at the moment, but i recently just bought 512 megs of Cas2 ram, so i'd like to keep it)
    Money is an issue.
    I was just going to upgrade the CPU in my comp, but that idea is quickly going down the drain due to unavailability of FC-PGA to Slot1 converters in my area.
    Any input on that chipset would be appreciated, and any links to info would be excellent.
    Cheers all
    PS Mods, yeah i know this should be in the mobo section, but i already posted something like this a while back and got no replies, so i thought i'd try here.

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    I've had some really good results with KT133a based motherboards. KT133's are pretty dated now, and don't support 266FSB like the KT133a's do.

    There are some issues with the chipset and the Live!, although, I've never had any real problems with it.

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