Whenever I start Wolfenstein on my main machine (Athlon 1.4 @ 1.6-12x133), it crashes before it even opens, throwing me back to the small blue window, citing some opengl error.
I also have the game on my Laptop (a Dell with Geforce2Go 32 MB) and it runs fine on that.
Both my systems have Windows XP, both are using the NVidia 21.81 drivers. My main system has the Geforce3.
For a while, Wolfenstein came up when I clocked down my Geforce 3 from 220/505 to 200/460.
I can play Q3A, UT, Max Payne, Deus Ex, Half Life, ETC... in WinXP, and FASTER than Win2k and even faster than WinME.
Only Wolfenstein gives me these problems, which have just re-occurred, even after I slowed down my Geforce 3 to default settings.

I was able to play 30 minutes at 1280x1024x32 with quincunx anti-aliasing. It was VERY beautiful and VERY smooth...but now it's gone :-((

Any suggestions would be appreciated...

Any ideas what the cause might be?