I went out and bought this game, since I found it for 17, which is good considering it is brand new, but it has some big bugs with me. I have the latest patch, which actually shipped with my release of the game, but it aint solved any of my troubles. Whenever I launch a new mission, it will not load at all, but instead gives an error, which I don't know what it is about, since it is hidden behind the game and I can't view it. The only way I can get the game to work is using 'workarounds' (actually suggested on the official site - must be easier than actual fixes ), such as setting the desktop to 800x600x16 before launching the game. And even after doing that, I have to load up DirectX 8, fiddle around with the settings, then set them back again, and then the game loads at last. This is pretty crazy since all my other games load without this hassle. And once you get in the game, stupid stuff happens like your ships crashing into the planets at warp, or just smashing into other ships, which is stupid.

I emailed their tech support, but they just said something about a customer suggesting a 'workaround' where setting to 2x AGP instead of 4x AGP fixes GeForce problems. This doesn't exactly help me much when I can have 2x AGP at maximum on my AMD-751 chipset. I guess they aren't too smart in that department...

Has anyone else had troubles with this game? I would have to suggest people stay away from this game for now, since I have had this much bad luck with it, and from the support forum, I don't think I am the only one.

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