ok, i have a 2,000 budget

but, i've been away from gaming so long, i don't know what's good like i used to
does one still trust anything that says voodoo? or has it changed?

i want to get back into gaming

but, i want a system that will last 2 or 3 years prior to obsolence

i know that ram is cheap now

what do you recommend?

i know some of you gamers have good ideas of

which moboard to buy, which video card to buy (crucial decision here)
which sound card to buy (if video and sound aren't on same card ... but, i actually care less about sound than i do video ... don't know why)

which gamepad to buy

agp or not agp? how much ram on the video card itself?

how many slots should my board have?
what kind of modem?

i already have speakers and a monitor

but, if anyone wants to respond to this post, i wouuld greatly appreciate it

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