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    UT Demo

    Just wondering if there is a way to add new UT maps to UT demo version? When I tried, the map did display on the option screen but when I clicked it I got an error message that said "Failed Launching URL can't find file for package 'richrig'".

    I would but the full version of Unreal Tournament but I don't have the hard drive space.

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    I don't think it is possible to do that on the demo. Q3A demo is also like that, the demo maps were embedded in a read-only archive file.

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    If you can temporarily free up enough hard drive space to install the full version then you have a work-around. Once you have installed the full version, you can happily delete or archive a heap of maps (though some need to remain to make the game run) and just keep the ones you want to play at the present time. Maybe you can archive the un-used maps to a ZIP drive or CD and copy them across as and when you wish / are able to.

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    Maybe it's time to get that new HDD you've been hankering after. You know you're going to have to do it sometime! Best thing I ever did, I'm still trying to get used to the idea that I can have ALL my games on my PC at one time.
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