I'm having some problems with a few games..
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Thread: I'm having some problems with a few games..

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    I'm having some problems with a few games..

    Basically any game that runs in DOS. Tomb Raider, Wing Commander 4.. the movie clips won't play in either of them. ..Any idea how I can fix this? Here are my system specs.. well.. the important ones.

    • Celeron 500mhz & Win98
    • DVD 16x48
    • Radeon 32mb SDR
    • Voodoo 2

    .. Thanks.

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    G'day Agent Sephiroth. Some games are particularily picky when it comes to running in a Windows DOS box. I have a number of games that simply don't work properly unless I run them in pure DOS.

    It can take some fiddling around, but make yourself a bootdisk for DOS containing your sound drivers, CD-ROM drivers (or DVD in your case). Also check out the games FAQ sections for any particular memory managers you may need to load. If so, hopefully it'll provide information for you on how to do that.

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