OK, the drool in my keyboard is now overflowing into my lap and I'm in danger of dehydration if I continue reading this forum any more! I want Max Payne, but can anyone tell me if it's going to be really crappy to play on my system:

PIII 450@558 on BX chipset
256Mb PC133
Matrox G400 MAX
TB Santa Cruz

It's fine for UT/Deus Ex/NFSIV etc. at 1024x768, can I expect similar performance at this res from Max Payne? Or should I wait until Xmas when I upgrade to a GF3/Athlon/DDR system and buy it then to get the full effect? Basically, does the game only get 9+/10 becasue it looks sweet with all the bullet-time effects and that, or will gameplay and stories suffice to keep me happy on my lowly rig?