annoying problem while playing any game
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Thread: annoying problem while playing any game

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    annoying problem while playing any game

    hi, i have this annoying prob when i play any game, the mouse pointer will appear in the center of the screen and i have to move the mouse to get rid of it, sometimes moving the mouse doesn't work and im stuck with it just staring at me, anybody know how i can cure it?

    im using win98se

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    I have this annoying little problem when i play any game, too...
    I die...
    A lot

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    since it's with any and every game that you play, you know that it's not the game. i'm thinking that it's the drivers. try downloading the newest, or most stable (newest aren't always the most stable) drivers for your v-card, sound card, etc...good luck!
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    Try using Alt-Tab to switch back to the desktop and then back to the game. That fixes it for me in Carmageddon TDR 2000.
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    The problem occurs to me as well when using detonators above 6.31. I've seen many people having this problem, but since it isn't so big, most of them don't care too much about it.

    Check out for detonators.

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    I get the mouse problem on my company laptop (which is getting a bit long in the tooth 366PII, 128Mb, 8meg ATI Mobility gfx).
    Fortunately the only game I really play at all on this piece of rubbish is counterstrike. I have cunningly found that pressing "m" to bring up the team change window and then cancelling often clears this mouse cursor problem. Only problem is if the cancel button is not set to show immediatly on the server I am playing on

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