Need verification concerning CS..
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Thread: Need verification concerning CS..

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    Need verification concerning CS..

    I've been playing cs since beta 3 and I've noticed some things that I don't like..

    The recoil is less with low fps(though slower return of status quo), the recoil os also less when you play with high ping..

    The recoil also depends on the server OS..(in LAN I noticed a huge diffrence between a Win2k server and a linux server(they had similar sys))

    Also the recoil is diffent if you change between openGL and direct3D...

    Can someone verify this?

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    Jul 2001
    Aberdeen, Scotland
    Can't say I have really noticed a difference between win servers and linux servers.
    Haven't really played CS with D3d since its running on an engine which was created originally for openGL I have always used that. I will give it a try later on tonight and get back to you.
    Athough *smug voice engaged* I will have to stick in an old video card to get low fps or switch it to software mode as my new GF3 doesnt run slowly no matter what I do
    I have always found openGL to run smoother out of the two. I think generally though that high ping doesn't help this game in any aspect or any other game come to think of it.

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