Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get my NFS4 High Stakes to work. It was running fine until I installed my new HD. Now it keeps asking me to insert the correct CD and press enter. The CD is in my drive but it is just not picking it up.

I have a CD ROM and Burner and I get the same message from both.

My NFSIII runs like a charm.

Another quick question about playing with another computer. We're getting major Lag when we hook up NFSIII together. Any suggestions on what we can do to reduce the lag? I'm running a Cable Modem and the guy I'm hooked up to is running DSL with a Celeron 700.

Tks in Advance.

Celeron 500
256 Ram
Viper 770 32 Meg Video Card
48X CD
32X CD Burner
Soundblaster Live
25 GHD

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