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Thread: Please HELP..

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    Please HELP..

    i really need help, me and my friend want to make it so we can hook my pc and his laptop up so we can play starcraft. how do i do this with out a network card. how do i do a direct cable connection, what do i need for this and can u use usb to hook up the comp/laptop. or what else can i do to hook them up with out a network card, but be able to play starcraft???? please help

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    You can get USB networking kits and set up a network through your USB ports if you want.

    The other option would be to buy a null-modem serial cable from somewhere like Radio Shack and use that to link the machines. If you do that, you only need to deal with Windows' Direct Cable Connection Wizard if you want to share files. Starcraft has built-in support for gaming across that type of cable.
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