problem w/ counter-strike
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Thread: problem w/ counter-strike

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    problem w/ counter-strike

    When i try to connect to a server in cs, the game stalls for a while, like a min in the connect to server part, where it's like Build 1600 (CRC) Server #whatever, then drops me back into the connect menu. it says could not connect to server. however, when i connect the second time, it connects without a problem. This has been happening for a week now, with no apparant reason. i thought i might have timed out, since i have 56k, so i changed my timeout from a default of 35 to 750... still doesn't work. btw, all other HL mods work fine and connect on the first try. i also defragged my hd, but it still doesn't work. Any suggestions?

    My comp specs:
    I have a old Gateway
    PII 450
    no clue what mobo
    128 edo ram, i think
    creative labs voodoo 2
    onboard sound
    14 quatuam hd

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    try deleting and reinstalling cs, that used to always speed up the game's connecting time and helped raise pings and framerate
    duron 800@900 - asus a7v - 640mb pc133 - radeon 8500le 128mb - sb live - 16x dvd-rom - 48x24x48 burner

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    i reinstalled cs and it didn't fix the problem =/, any other suggestions?

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