what do you do to a .bin / .cue after iextraction from WinRar archive
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Thread: what do you do to a .bin / .cue after iextraction from WinRar archive

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    what do you do to a .bin / .cue after iextraction from WinRar archive

    I have downloaded an application, but I recieved it in several segments. Each file has the same name...but a different extension. Like xxx.001, xxx.002, xxx.003..etc. I have used WinRar and it seemed to work fine. However, I now have a file.bin and a file.cue from the extraction. I just want to install the application on my comp. I have been reading and they say I need some prog called CDRWIN ... but I dont want to make a CD...besides I dont have a CD burner. So what do I do to get the normal files out of this .bin with out having to make some CD.

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    i could be mistaken, but i think you might be able to use binchunker to get those .bin/.cue files into application format. aside from that, i don't think there is a way to do it. infact i am not even totally sure that binchunker can do that. but hey, worth a try. aside from that, i would say pick up a cheap burner for these occasions. they are getting pretty dirt cheap. oh well, something should work for ya. good luck

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    If I remember that correctly you can add files in DOS, using the '+' operator. Not sure if it works with binary files though.
    copy file1 + file2 file
    Something like that. (Maybe | instead of +)

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    I think you're gonna have to burn a CD dude. Even if you are able to extract the files, the application itself will probably need to be run off a CD with proper volume label etc. Then you might have to get a program that simulates virtual CD drives.

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    No No No No No

    GET ISOBUSTER: http://users.pandora.be/smart.projec.../isobuster.zip

    This will create basically the CD on your HDD. I use it all the time *cough*.

    Very good program!

    Microsoft Works...ha..can you get a better oxymoron?
    Microsoft Works...ha..can you get a better oxymoron?

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