I recently tried to install Win2000 on my machine which is currently running Win98SE, the installation gets so far then the following error occurs and I have no choice but to reboot.
'***STOP: 0x00000023 (0x001B0085, 0xE1728E4C, 0xE160EF9C, OxE1728E3C)
Beggining of Pyhscial memory dump
Physical memory dump completed. Contact your system administrator or technical support group.'

Anyone got any idea what's wrong???

Athlon 700@872 (109x8.0/1.75v)
Abit Ka7-100 Raid
Asus V7700 Pure 32mb GTS @ 230/360
128mb Pc133 cas2 Crucial @ 145mhz cas2
30.7GB IBM 75GXP
17' Sony Trinitron 210ES 0.25dpi

ICQ 98359989

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