Hi all! I'm thinking to make a new system. Please tell me what you think, any respond appreciated.

CPU T-Bird 1.33GHz, Socket A, FSB 266MHz
M-Board ASUS A7A266, Socket A, ATA/100, 266FSB
Memory 256Mb, DDR, PC2100, 266MHz
HD 40Gb, UDMA 100, 7200 RPM
Video 64Mb, nVIDA Geforce2 MX 400
Sound SB 16 PCI
Case Mid Tower, ATX, 300watt

I also have several questions:

Video What is the difference between MX 400 and 200?

Video Is Gforce2 getting as hot as Voodoos?

Video Do I need a special fen for Gforce2 card?

Case The Mid Tower Im planning to buy supports 3 fens. Will it be enough to cool my system?