Non-dedicated Q3A- and UT-server
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Thread: Non-dedicated Q3A- and UT-server

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    Non-dedicated Q3A- and UT-server

    I want to play these games with my brother over the internet. Is it possible to set up one PC as a server (which also can be played on as clientand which is not visible to the Internet), and then connect to it from the other PC using the known IP address (told per e-mail or phone)?
    Thanks for your suggestions!

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    Yes you can. Only catch is that if the server is behind a router you'll need to implement port forwarding.

    Anyone on the Internet will be able to connect to it, but you should be able to set a server password and/or kick interlopers. Set the max connections to 2, and once your brother has joined you don't have to worry about it any more.
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    For Q3A, just go into multiplayer and start your server If your brother has your IP address, he can join you. (I find the easiest way is to just make a new entry in Game Spy and double-click it, although you can manually enter it, too.) I've never had my server show up in the server list, btw, but if you have problems, you can stick a password lock on it.

    Not sure about UT...

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    Thanks, guys! I think I will first try without a password.
    I faintly do remember reading something about entries in the cfg-file which do most of the work.

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