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Thread: Gaming performance question

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    Gaming performance question

    I built my pc entirely for gamming and I like to ask this. I have a promise dma 100 card connected to a IBM 30G dma 100 also. How do I enable dma on the drive? Or is it enabled already?

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    It should be enabled automatically for hard disk, and may have to be enabled for CDROM (if there are any UDMA-100 CDROM). You may check it using the System/Device Manager applet on Windows's Control Panel under the Subsection Disk drives, click on Properties, and then on the Settings tab. If the DMA checkbox is unchecked, then it is not enabled. If it stays unchecked even after you checked it and restarts (which means you 'cannot' enabled the DMA mode), maybe the UDMA settings in your BIOS is not enabled. You should enable the UDMA Mode under the BIOS to enable the DMA Mode under Windows.
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